InterContinental Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

I’ve never stayed at a bad InterContinental hotel, and the InterContinental Bangkok is no exception.

As I walked out of immigration at the new Bangkok airport I felt like I was a welcomed guest and my BMW limo was waiting to drive me to the hotel.

I’d heard nightmares stories about Bangkok traffic but it wasn’t until we were a couple of blocks away from the hotel on Ploenchit Road that the traffic really became heavy, bumper to bumper traffic. But that said, it only took us another 10 minutes or so to get to the hotel.

Upon arrival I was greated by name and whisked into a waiting lift to my room on the 28th floor. I’d been told a couple of days beforehand by e-mail that I’d been upgraded to an Executive Deluxe room because I am an InterContinental Ambassador member.

During the week I found that the bed and pillows were great, certainly some of the most comfortable that I’ve had in a while that allowed me to sleep like I was almost at home. The shower was huge within a standard sized, but not cramped, bathroom. The bathroom also has a bath that I didn’t use.

I did find the walls a little bit thin a couple of times, with noises from the adjacent rooms becoming annoying, but thankfully the interruptions were brief and infrequent.

The location of the hotel was great, right next to Chit Lom Skytrain station, and it was only a short walk or Skytrain ride to a whole heap of local shopping malls. MBK was probably a 15 minute walk away. Work was just 10 minutes away on the Skytrain at Ari.

I did use room service a couple of times, and the food was exceptional, though expensive by local standards. But that is to be expected in any quality hotel.

A great hotel that I will stay at next time I travel to Bangkok.

You have to laugh

You hear about how the taxi drivers in Bangkok will try to rip you off at every opportunity, so when I got in a cab on Sunday evening the first thing I did was make sure that the meter was started. Which it was.

Fast forward 15 minutes as we pull up to the front door of my hotel.

Taxi driver: 100

Me: Ahh, the meter say 43!

Taxi driver: No meter

Well, I had to laugh as I gave this wanna be thief 50 Baht as full and final payment as I got out of his mobile attempted crime scene.

But I must admit, the taxi I got later on in the week did not try to rip me off… but its the bad ones that ruin it for the rest.

Don’t you just hate it when…

you end up in a swish hotel in a new city. You don’t know your way around, so you play it safe for a couple of days by eating at your hotel.

Towards the end of the week you have some spare time, as you’ve completed your work early, so you decided to do a little reconnaissance mission around the neighborhood you’ve been staying in, and during that trip you find several local food halls that offer the same quality and quantity of food that you’ve been eating at the hotel, with the major exception that the price is around 10% of what you were paying previously.

Well… welcome to my week in Bangkok!