InterContinental Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

I’ve never stayed at a bad InterContinental hotel, and the InterContinental Bangkok is no exception.

As I walked out of immigration at the new Bangkok airport I felt like I was a welcomed guest and my BMW limo was waiting to drive me to the hotel.

InterContinental Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

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You have to laugh

You hear about how the taxi drivers in Bangkok will try to rip you off at every opportunity, so when I got in a cab on Sunday evening the first thing I did was make sure that the meter was started. Which it was.

Fast forward 15 minutes as we pull up to the front door of my hotel.

Taxi driver: 100

Me: Ahh, the meter say 43!

Taxi driver: No meter

Well, I had to laugh as I gave this wanna be thief 50 Baht as full and final payment as I got out of his mobile attempted crime scene.

But I must admit, the taxi I got later on in the week did not try to rip me off… but its the bad ones that ruin it for the rest.

Don’t you just hate it when…

you end up in a swish hotel in a new city. You don’t know your way around, so you play it safe for a couple of days by eating at your hotel.

Towards the end of the week you have some spare time, as you’ve completed your work early, so you decided to do a little reconnaissance mission around the neighborhood you’ve been staying in, and during that trip you find several local food halls that offer the same quality and quantity of food that you’ve been eating at the hotel, with the major exception that the price is around 10% of what you were paying previously.

Well… welcome to my week in Bangkok!