La Terrasse De Pomone, Paris, France

You can’t fault the location of this cafe under the trees, next to the lake complete with waddling ducks in the park in front of the Louvre in Paris.

I’d stopped by here for a quick morning coffee as I was walking upto Notre Dame cathedral, and after I’d been walking around for a couple of hours, and still an hour until my tickets for the Louvre were valid, I headed back for a late lunch.

It wasn’t overly busy around 1:30pm when I arrived and was able to get table under the trees.

The menu was comprehensive with many salads and various rolls and sandwiches.

I opted for a Pyramide Salade and half a litre of red wine. Food was OK and the wine good but by no means upto the quality of the food that I would have during the rest of my French trip – but I guess given the location they’re catering for tourists and not return business.

Something to watch with them is that when I paid by credit card they automatically used DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion). DCC is essentially a scam that makes them more money by doing the foreign exchange (at a bad exchange rate) there and then and not via Visa or MasterCard at their official rate. By the rules of Visa and Mastercard they’re supposed to ask you whether you want to use DCC or not, but they did a shifty by putting the transaction through in Australian Dollars rather than Euros.

Despite the location, the quality of the food and the fact that they pulled the DCC shifty on me means that I would not go back here.