Neiro, Kobe, Japan

There are a number of restaurants in the lower floors of the Crowne Plaza ANA in Kobe.

I wanted meat and I’d seen that there were some steak restaurants down there so I ventured down.

I did a lap and didn’t find the steak restaurant I was looking for but came across a teppanyaki restaurant called Neiro.

I wandered in and there was just one other patron, but sat down at the counter to have a look through the menu.

There were a couple of different types of steaks but what I remember the one I ordered wasn’t Wagyu, and came as a meal with soup, salad and rice.

I watched as the chef cooked my steak on the large hotplate in front of me

I’d also ordered a Shochu on ice rather than beer to try something different.

The steak was good, but by no means the best steak I’d eaten. It was slightly lacking in the flavour I was expecting.

For the price the meal was underwhelming and I probably should have kept searching for the steak restaurant I was originally looking for.