HOPSTAND, Kobe, Japan

After a quick subway ride from Shin-Kobe to Sannomiya station I was in the bustling centre of Kobe.

HOPSTAND is only around 100m from the western end of Sannomiya subway station, but it felt like 1km as I trudged up and down the small streets as my GPS tried to get a fix. But get a fix I eventually did and was soon seated in the small bar called HOPSTAND.

Inside are about 10 seats at the bar and half a dozen tables along the wall. When I arrived around 6 PM the bar was already probably 80% full.

I sat at the bar and looked at the menu (they seem to have only one copy of the English menu, so you may have to wait and share).

The beer list is very good and over the next 90 minutes or so I had several very good local pints.

While I was enjoying my beers I also ordered a couple of dishes of pretty good chicken yakitori.

If you like your beer this is one place you should visit.