Toriyasu, Toranomon, Tokyo, Japan

After a couple of beers at the Toranomon branch of the Craft Beer Market I went looking for dinner.

About a block away was Toriyasu, a yakitori restaurant.

Walking in at around 6pm there were already a number of businessmen drinking and smoking while snacking away.

Minimal English here, just like Terako Machi in Nagano but that is what makes travelling fun!

With a webpage I’d found via Google showing the English and Japanese translations for various types of yakitori and the staff knowing a few words of English I was able to order several dishes of yakitori and a beer.

More delectable meat on a stick was ordered and then I spied what I thought were Sake bottles, but the one I picked was actually Awamori. A Shochu like drink.

IMG 20170823 182656
IMG 20170823 182656 (August 23, 2017)

The staff were great and we tried to converse, what I did manage to find out was that this restaurant has been running for 49 years, and the recipe for the yakitori sauce was originally made by the current owners father when the restaurant opened.

For an authentic meal this is great restaurant.