Craft Beer Market, Toramonom, Tokyo, Japan

During my previous stays at the Tokyo InterContinental I’d not explored the Toramonom area, but tonight that would change.

I made the small walk to Toramonom in about 15 minutes and headed to the narrow streets to the south of the main road, Sotobori Dori. There were heaps of small eating establishments, but as it was still just before 5pm nothing was open yet. So I just kept exploring.

Craft Beer Market, Toranomon, Tokyo, Japan

Just after 5pm I wandered back to the Toramonom branch of the Craft Beer Market. Even being the first in the door I was told that I could only stay until around 6:30 as the place was fully booked. I pulled up a seat at the bar and began to make the most of my limited time.

Much like the Kanda branch there was an extensive beer list.

My choice for this evening were 2 Japanese brewed IPAs.

The first was an Aooni IPA (blue demon, or ogre, of India) – a very nice drop.

My second beer was Preston British IPA – another decent drop of beer after a long day out walking around Tokyo.

In all, I hadn’t had a bad craft beer during my trip.

In the end I only stayed for 2 pints and headed out the door after 45 minutes to find some food.