Sansa, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

I was now back in Tokyo for the tail end of my trip. In the past I hadn’t explored the Akasaka area so was determined to do so this time.

A search pointed me to a restaurant / bar with very good reviews about 200 metres from my hotel by the name of Sansa.

Sansa, Minato, Tokyo, Japan

When I arrived about 6:30pm there was a table of people already drinking and I was shown to a seat at the bar and given the beer menu.

And a very impressive beer menu it was!

Firstly I had a Deep Emotion Pilsner, which I found citrusy and malty.

I then tried another pilsner from the same Japanese Hop Kotan Brewery a Made in Kamifurano Lager which was again malty but also had more hop taste.

For my third beer I went to Belgium and had a superb Ondineke Oilsjtersen Tripel sweet and creamy brew – probably my favorite for the day.

And finally I tried a US brewed Baby Bob stout with a great roasted coffee flavor – it came in a very close second favorite after the Tripel.

Foodwise there was no English menu so the great bartender translated the menu line by line for me!

For dinner I chose roast pork with turnips and parsnips and I will say that, even though it took a while to cook, this was one of the best meals I had in Japan. The taste of this dish was excellent.

Sansa – you should dine here!