L’Alaska, L’Alpe-d’Huez, France

L’Alaska is a very relaxed restaurant / bar with a large open deck looking onto Route d’Huez so you can watch and cheer the cyclists as they finish their ascent of the mountain and sprint for the finish line.

It’s just a couple of doors up from La Cremaillere.

We came up to L’Alpe-d’Huez on our first morning to have a look around and to hit the tourist office to get the lay of the land while several of our group rode up the mountain.

The cyclists’ estimated arrival time came and went so we chose to find somewhere for lunch where we could watch out for them. A walk down the road had us looking at the menu at L’Alaska.

The menu is extensive and much like you’d get at any cafe around the world but with quintessentially French dishes such as steak hache (raw chopped steak).

The serving sizes were very generous for the salads and the burgers that we ordered and a decent range of drinks were also on offer.

By no means was this fine dining like I would say La Cremaillere was. But for a casual meal it was a good choice.