SQUE Rottisserie & Alehouse, Clarke Quay, Singapore

I’ve been to SQUE a number of times during my previous stays in Singapore.

It’s in a location that can’t be beaten, overlooking the Singapore River and Clarke Quay. It’s a magnificent place to just watch the world (both on foot and on water) go by while enjoying a cold beer in the hot humid weather.


It was my last full night in Singapore, a Friday night. I arrived around 4:30 which was the right time for a Friday as there we still some seats available before the influx of office workers who began to arrive after 5.

My poison of choice this Friday evening were pints of Weihenstephan Original which is a German Munich Helles Lager of about 5.1%. Of course, since the sun was still up, it was happy hour and the Weihenstephan Originals were one the 2-for-1 list.

The Weihenstephan Originals were a pretty nice beer, and just the right thing to quench a thirst in the 35° humidity.

I needed to have a snack with my beer and ordered some Onion Rings from the largish menu. They hit the spot.

After a couple more pints I thought I’d better eat some more food or it could get messy. Ordered a Pepperoni pizza which turned out to be a more traditional Italian style pizza (very think crust and not overboard with toppings) that was really tasty.

Happy Hour finishes at 7pm (and then restarts at 9pm) but after 5 pints I decided it was time to stagger back to my hotel while I could.

In all it was a good evening – good food, good beer, good weather (once you could get out of the sun) and good views.

IMG 20161014 195144
IMG 20161014 195144 (October 14, 2016)