TAP Craft Beer Bar, Singapore

For many years the Capitol Piazza in Singapore was being redeveloped – in fact probably for the past 5 years atleast! But finally the renovation has been finished and the results are quite good. Lots of shopping, restaurants and bars.

When I was in Singapore in May I noticed that a bar was about to open call TAP Craft Beer Bar and I made a mental note to try it next time I was in Singapore.

That next time was December 2015.

TAP has a magnificent menu of beers on tap and in bottle from all around the world. The menu on their website has around 45 beers on it! You couldn’t get through the menu if you tried!

Not going to say much more than to say

If you are a beer lover GO TO TAP!!!!!

Happy hour discounts aren’t as generous as at other bars, but the quality of the beers makes up for it.