Castel Café, Paris, France

My first full day in Paris saw me wake up at a relatively sane time and after the continental buffet breakfast at Albe Hôtel I decided to go for a walk.

And walk I did, along the left bank of the Seine from St Michel to the Eiffel Tower, only straying from the river due to all the construction that’s taking place.

I went up the Eiffel Tower last time I was in Paris so I didn’t stop this time but just milled around, taking some pictures before deciding I was feeling a little peckish.

DSC04105 (April 26, 2018)

On the south side of the tower is Avenue de Suffren with a fair number of cafes.

As it was only around 11:00am lunch service wasn’t started yet so I opted for a 2nd breakfast.

Castel Café is your typical Parisian cafe with tables inside and on the footpath outside. As it was quite cold I chose a table inside but next to the window so I could see the world go past.

There is a breakfast special that gives you a juice, a coffee and pastries & bread for less than €10.

I think that this would be a great place to sit outside on a warm Paris summer evening.