Akanedoki Kanazawaekimae, Kanazawa, Japan

After having 2 lunches and a siesta I was looking for a later dinner than I normally have, so a search for somewhere near the hotel was in order.

I went up the stairs and was greeted by the staff. The restaurant was quite busy. All the booths were full and there were only a couple of empty seats at the large communal table that ran the length of the restaurant, one of which was given to me.

The staff were run off their feet so it took a bit of hand waving to get my hands on an English menu. I’ve learnt that it’s best to order your drink the moment you get the menu, that way they have to come back in the near future with your drink, and you can order your meal at that time.

The menu had a pretty good selection of meals, and they were quite reasonably priced.

I ordered some chicken yakitori and a pork loin. The yakitori came out first and was good. The pork loin took a little more time, and when it came out I was not disappointed. It was cooked superbly, and tasted great.

The only downside is that eating at a communal table you are close by to any patron who decides to light up a cigarette – and there were a couple of folk doing just that as I was eating.

But in all, a good entree, a decent main and a couple of beers for less than ¥3500.