Pino, Kanazawa, Japan

I stumbled across an interesting place after visiting the Ninja Temple while I was walking through the laneways of Kanazawa as I was looking for the Casa Samurai Nomura.

The plastic food in the window looked interesting enough for me to head inside. What I saw when I walked in was unlike any other restaurant I would eat at in Japan.

Thinking back this place had the feeling of an Italian family restaurant, but with a really eclectic, some would say random, menu – touches of Japanese, Indian and Western dishes.

There was a special deal at lunch – a main plus dessert and a coffee which I chose mainly to get a cheap waffle.

Mainwise I chose a chicken Keema Curry which was pretty average I must say.

In hindsight I don’t buy pizzas from the Chinese, and I just learnt not to buy Indian food from the Japanese.

What saved the meal was a quite decent coffee and a waffle with ice cream.