82 Ale House, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan

In the early evening I headed back into Akasaka looking for a drink and some dinner. I had a bit of a shortlist of bars – one I couldn’t find, the other wasn’t open yet so I headed to the 82 Ale House.

82 Ale House, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan

It didn’t dawn on me at the time that 82 Ale House is part of the same chain as Hub British Pubs, one of which I had visited in Kyoto.

Walking in you can see the English pub setup, lots of dark wood fixtures. The place was quite busy at around 5:30.

I grabbed a pint of 82 Real Ale and grabbed a seat. It’s a bitter sweet ale – nothing really special but ok.

I did look at the food menu but it really didn’t grab me, so after a 2nd drink I decided to head out to find a decent meal.