Toto’s Pizza House, Melbourne, Australia

Toto’s Pizza House on Lygon Street is touted as the first pizza restaurant in Australia, but I don’t know if that is myth or fact.

I thought the meal was good and reasonably well priced.

We got in just after 6:30 and there were a good number of people aleady eating. It was too cold to sit outside so we headed inside.

First act was to order a bottle of lambrusco and a garlic pizza to share while we decided on our mains.

We ordered a traditional Mexican pizza and a goumet Diablo pizza to share.

Not having stuffed myself enough I ordered the Tiramisu for dessert and it was an interesting choice. It was more like a cheesecake. It was solid, it was huge and came with cream and ice cream.  It wasn’t what I was expecting but it was a great dessert.

All round the food was pretty decent Italian food and well worth a visit if you don’t want to venture up into the busier sections of Lygon Street.