Le Cafe Du Trocadero, Trocadero, Paris, France

To the north west of the Eiffel Tower, right on the Place Du Trocadero is a largish cafe called Le Cafe Du Trocadero. It’s got indoor, outdoor and upstairs seating.

The weather was mild on the day I visited, but still needed a jacket to sit outside.

Unfortunately the seats facing Place Du Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower were taken so I was shown to a small table on the side.

The menu is large and quite impressive with a diverse array of dishes. Prices aren’t cheap, but I guess this is a very touristy area.

For lunch I ordered the Creamy Risotto with Parmesan cheese, spring onion and leeks, along with a cafe creme to keep me warm.

My piping hot risotto was served in around 15 minutes and I must admit, despite the simplicity of the dish, it was really quite tasty. I’d call it a hearty lunch for a cool Paris Saturday.

Great food, absolutely superb location but I think a little pricey.