Torisyoumaru, Kanazawa, Japan

My last night in Kanazawa after a busy day out walking had me looking for a decent restaurant and a beer or two.

On the north west side of Kanazawa station there’s an annex of sorts with a couple of floors of restaurants. Up on the third floor I found an Izakaya (Japanese restaurant/pub) that had a great menu.

There were already a couple of people sitting at tables when I arrived, but I was given a seat at the counter looking into the kitchen.

I already knew that I was after yakitori as I’d seen in some online reviews that was this restaurants specialty.

For the next hour or so I ordered many different types of grilled meat and vegetables that were served piping hot from the charcoal grill. Not a disappointing dish was served.

Along with a couple of Japanese draft beers I left well feed and headed back to my closet of a hotel room for my last night in Kanazawa before heading to Nagano.