Laksa Bar, Melbourne, Australia

Laksa Bar is an asain resturant up near the corner of Exhibition and Little Lonsdale Streets in the Melbourne CBD.

After a couple of drinks afer work at TRUNK with some current and former colleagues we needed to find somewhere to eat closeby.

I’d walked past Laksa Bar many times, and it was always well patronised, but never bothered to go in.

Laksa Bar, Melbourne, Australia

The four of us were lucky to get a small table straight away and we had a quick look through the extensive menu before ordering.

On Friday night there was a Thai Laksa special with chicken so I ordered that while the others ordered a varierty of other laksas.

Our dishes arrived in about 15 minutes and the confused waitress didn’t know which dishes were which, but that was soon worked out and we started eating.

My laksa had a very nice flavor but disappointingly there was zero spicy kick to it. The regular chicken curry laksa that one of the others was eating had the same problem.

I’m really in two minds as to whether I go back and give this place another chance or cut my losses and try another of the multitude of restaurants in the area. Time will tell.