Suginoko, Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan

I’d arrived at Haneda Airport for my flight to Sydney a little early and the Qantas check-in wasn’t open yet. I opened up TripAdvisor to see what were my options were for one last Japanese feast and I found that there was a Yakitori close by.

At the back of the public international departures concourse there are a couple of escalators leading upto the 4th floor to an area called Edo Market. It’s a large area with heaps of restaurants. Mostly Japanese but a couple of other options as well.

I did a lap of the 4th floor and eventually found the restaurant I was looking for. It’s called Suginoko and they cook Yakitori and had beer… a great way to finish off my second Japan trip.

The restaurant is smallish with around 40 seats but there were a couple of spare tables so I was quickly seated. I still had my suitcase with me and the small storage area was full so I was asked to pop my suitcase just outside the front door. Being Japan I knew it would be safe – anywhere else on the planet and it would have been stolen as soon as my back was turned.

I’d become a fan of Yakitori (meat on a stick) during my 2 weeks so I decided to try a small selection of skewers.

I ordered 2 chicken skewers, 2 pork belly skewers & a green pepper skewer. To accompany my meal I ordered a Suntory Malt beer.

The beer came out first, followed maybe 10 minutes later by the first of my skewers, soon followed by the remainder of my order. There’s something in the way that they season and cook the skewers that make them totally irresistible (and incredibly moorish!).

Pricing was great – no price gouging as you would expect at an airport eatery in any other country. In all 5 skewers and a beer where around ¥2000 or around $20.

This was a great tasting final meal in Japan and highly recommended if you’ve got some time to kill before checking in or before you head through immigration & customs.