Ribsfactory Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I noticed Ribsfactory as I was heading to Gollem Amstelstraat for a couple of beers and took a mental note to head here for dinner.

Ribsfactory Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

And I’m glad I did. If there’s one takeway for you from this blog it’s that I am an unabashed carnivore – beef, pork, lamb, duck, goose, chook – yep, I’m all in!

It was pretty busy when I got there, most tables were taken, but there was a constant turnover and I soon had a table.

I ordered the 300g Simmentaler rib eye cooked medium rare, which came with some coleslaw and a serving of fries, and also ordered a serve of onion rings that came with a truffle mayonnaise.

In all this was another good meal that I couldn’t fault. The meat was cooked perfectly and had such a yummy flavor.

To drink I had a pint of the locally brewed Heineken.