Harry’s @ Chijmes, Singapore

After the less than average Nachos at Paprika and Cumin at Chijmes I decided to try Harry’s @ Chijmes which is literally right next door to Paprika and Cumin.

On a late Saturday afternoon I sat down for a couple of beers, Carlsburg pints in this instance, but Happy Hour doesn’t work at Harry’s on a Friday or Saturday. Regardless, the prices were reasonable @ $14.50 a pint which wasn’t too far off some of the Happy Hour prices I’ve seen.

While waiting for a colleague to arrive I decided to tempt fate and hope the chef at Harry’s knew how to make a decent Nachos. And I was pleasantly surprised when a pretty decent Nachos came out. 1000% better than the abomination from next door.

It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours with a cool drink, corn chips watching the F1 and soccer.


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Paprika and Cumin, Chijmes, Singapore

It was a Friday evening and my sales training event was over – I deserved a beer!

Staying at Swissotel Stamford means you’re just across the road from Chijmes, a restaurant and bar in a converted convent.

Wandering into the complex, I come across a place called Paprika and Cumin that looked ok and there were some spare seats.

Happy Hours were in full swing and the pints of Tiger were $11 which was about par for the course for a pint or half a litre.

So big tick for the beer.

Needed some food and ordered the Beef Nachos – and what came out was very, very disappointing in both look and taste. Very underwhelming.

So big cross for the food.

Made the decision I wouldn’t be going back to Paprika and Cumin as there are far too many other options to have to put up with less than stellar food.

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Octapas, Clarke Quay, Singapore

It was a hot and humid Singapore Saturday afternoon and my thoughts turned towards rehydration so I decided to see what Clarke Quay was like in the afternoon.

There wasn’t much happening at 3pm on a Saturday, but I guess Clarke Quay is more of a night place but I stumbled across a Spanish Tapas bar that was open and have an open air sitting area right on the water which meant you get to view all the water traffic, and get the cool breeze.

As with most places in Singapore there’s a Happy Hour that lasts most of the day, so it was half price pints of Tiger for me.

A late lunch also ensued of Deep Fired Garlicky Chicken with Onions and Pepper, which was certainly garlicy – but since I wasn’t planning on getting lucky that didn’t matter :)

Not a bad place to while away some time for a drink and a meal in the afternoon.

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SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse, Singapore

I stumbled upon the SQUE Rotisserie & Alehouse a couple of years ago when I was staying the the Swissotel Merchant Court.

SQUE is on the first floor of Clarke Quay Central shopping centre, and overlooks the Singapore “River” just across from the better known bar, restaurant and nightlife area of Clarke Quay. I say “River” as the waterway is now dammed by the Marina Barrage so is part of the Marina Reservoir.

After a day out sightseeing or shopping its nice to be able to have a relaxing beer or 4 during “Happy Hour”. BTW… Happy Hour at SQUE is actually 11:30am til 7pm, and then again from 9pm til 11pm!

I ended up at SQUE twice in the afternoons during my last trip and tried several beers I’d never heard of before.

  • Benediktiner weissbier from Germany – a reasonable beer if you’re into German Hefeweizen type beers. Ended up buying 2 half litres which due to it being happy hour turned into 4 half litres :)
  • London Pride from Fullers in the UK – an English Pale Ale that was very refreshing in the hot and steamy afternoon
  • Brewdog Hardcore IPA from the UK – now this was a SUPERB beer, but it was deadly at 9.2%. I knocked back 2 of these before I realised just how potent they were, and that the cost was $25 each and weren’t on the Happy Hour 1-for-1 list. Expensive afternoon, but was worth it!

The food menu is very good as well – I especially like the Beef Nachos.

A very good place to relax.

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Bridge, Singapore

I’d just gotten off the plane and thrown my bags in my room at the Swissotel Stamford and decided to head out somewhere I’d not been before for a couple of beers and a bite to eat.

I headed to Seah Street just on the other side of Raffles Hotel and came across a small place called Bridge.

I probably arrived close to 7pm, and it was just me and the 2 bar staff. There’s probably a couple of reasons why the place was so empty at 7pm on a Saturday evening:

  1. I don’t think things really yet started until much later in the evening, and
  2. the beer delivery that was expected hadn’t arrived.

The good thing was that I had my pick of the seats and chose to sit at the bench out the front on Seah Street to watch the world go by.

A plus with not having the standard beers available was that I got to try something I probably never would have tried otherwise. It was a Ruby Beer called Hopgoblin from Wychwood Brewery in the UK and it was good. And by Singapore standards wasn’t overly expensive at S$12 for a stubby.

Between beers I decided to try the Bridge Wings from the specials board. From memory the plate had around 6 wings with spicy sauce, and tasted pretty good. Well worth the S$10.

They open for Lunch and Dinner, and its a nice place to relax even though you’re less 100m from the hustle and bustle of North Bridge & Beach Roads.

Their URL is http://www.dineatbridge.com.sg/.

Highly recommended.

And it was still just me and the 2 bar staff when I left at 8:30pm :)

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