Din Tai Fung, Sentosa, Singapore

Din Tai Fung is a restaurant chain in Asia that has it’s roots in Taiwan. I’d tried one of their Singapore restaurants previously so when I was looking for somewhere for lunch on Sentosa Island I knew I’d get a decent feed.

Their restaurant on Sentosa, near the Sentosa Express Waterfront station, is very large. I guess it can become very busy on weekends. Even on a weekday it was already half full by midday and it just keep on filling up for the 45 minutes I was there.

I was only looking for a small lunch to allow me to try other places in Singapore later on in the day.

I’m a bit of a sucker for Duck, so when I saw Sliced Duck in Crispy Spring Onion Pastry on the appetiser menu I had one dish worked out pretty quickly. To round off the meal I chose to go Japanese with a serving of 5 Gyoza.

Food was very good quality.

For drinks I tried a beer I’ve never tried before, a Gold Medal Taiwan Beer.

[PiwigoPress id=4178 url=’http://pics.gcameron.id.au/’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’img-shadow’ lnktype=’none’ opntype=’_blank’]

The food dishes were around $9 each, and the beer $11.50 (for a small bottle though)

Definitely enough food to tide me over with an all up cost of around SGD$35 once all the service charges and taxes are added.

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Molly Malone’s, Amsterdam, The Netherands

Yes, I know its sacrilege to go all the way to Amsterdam and then drink in an Irish pub, but I was at the end of several hours of walking and taking photos in the early evening and needed to eat.

Having weaved my way through the streets along Amsterdam’s canal for several hours and heading towards Central Station as my landmark I stumbled across an Irish Bar called Molly Malone’s.

I’d originally just gone in for a beer but once I saw the beers on the menu I decided that I should stay for a while.

Being a Monday night it wasn’t too busy in the bar and it was easy to get a seat for a meal inside. There is an outside area next to the canal but all the seats were taken unfortunately.

For dinner I chose the Lamb Chops which were superbly cooked for a pub meal and I enjoyed them immensely.

Some of the beers that are on the menu include De Prael I.P.A., La Trappe Dubbel & La Trappe Tripel, and as you can guess I was a little worse for wear on the walk back to my hotel.

[PiwigoPress id=3821 url=’http://pics.gcameron.id.au/’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’img-shadow’ lnktype=’none’ opntype=’_blank’]

[PiwigoPress id=3822 url=’http://pics.gcameron.id.au/’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’img-shadow’ lnktype=’none’ opntype=’_blank’]

A very good little pub in a superb location.

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TAP Craft Beer Bar, Singapore

I’ve been to TAP Craft Beer Bar before and managed to stop by again for a couple of beers during my recent short to trip to Singapore.

TAP is in the refurbished Capitol Theatre building very close to Raffle City, Chijmes and City Hall MRT station.

TAP has an exceptionally good list of beers on tap and in bottle from all over the world. Majority are from the US and Singapore, but there are also a number from Germany and Hong Kong, for example.

[PiwigoPress id=4181 url=’http://pics.gcameron.id.au/’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’img-shadow’ lnktype=’none’ opntype=’_blank’]

If you’re been for a drink in Singapore you’ll know that beer prices can be on the high side, and even more so when you’re looking to drink quality craft beers and not just the standard Tiger or Carlsburg.

Over three visits I was able to try a number of very nice beers including

All were great beers and some have a real kick to them (and a price to match).

The Stone W00tstout was limited to just 4 kegs for all of Singapore – so get in and have a pint, but be warned it’ll set you back around $33/pint. But it was worth the price.

[PiwigoPress id=4180 url=’http://pics.gcameron.id.au/’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’img-shadow’ lnktype=’none’ opntype=’_blank’]

For beer lovers this is certainly a place you’ll need to stop at for alteast one beer.

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Wurst & Schnitzelhaus, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

As the name suggests Wurst & Schnitzelhaus is sausage and schnitzel restaurant at Amsterdam Central Station overlooking IJ Bay.

As my hotel was near Central Station and there’re a number of restaurants in the complex I decided to pop in after a morning of exploring Amsterdam to see what was on offer for a late lunch.

The lunch menu is on offer from midday until 5pm and the lunch special is a decent sized schnitzel with chips and salad for €8.95. As it was so hot I thought I’d better try some of the 11 beers on offer – the first was a
Warsteiner Pilsener and the second a Warsteiner Radler.

For desert I had a very decent Schwarzwälderkirschtorte or Black Forrest Cake.

Very yummy lunch.

A couple of days later I popped in for a late afternoon tea (well beer) and had a couple of Weissbier while I was waiting for my Apfelstrudel / Apple Strudel to be cooked for me.

[PiwigoPress id=3823 url=’http://pics.gcameron.id.au/’ size=’sm’ desc=1 class=’img-shadow’ lnktype=’none’ opntype=’_blank’]

I nice place to have a meal and watch the world go past.

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La Terrasse De Pomone, Paris, France

You can’t fault the location of this cafe under the trees, next to the lake complete with waddling duck in the park in front of the Louvre in Paris.

I’d stopped by here for a quick morning coffee as I was walking upto Notre Dame cathedral, and after I’d been walking around for a couple of hours, and still an hour until my tickets for the Louvre were valid, I headed back for a late lunch.

It wasn’t overly busy around 1:30pm when I arrived and was able to get table under the trees.

The menu was comprehensive with many salads and various rolls and sandwiches.

I opted for a Pyramide Salade and half a litre of red wine. Food was OK and the wine good but by no means upto the quality of the food that I would have during the rest of my French trip – but I guess given the location they’re catering for tourists and not return business.

Something to watch with them is that when I paid by credit card they automatically used DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion). DCC is essentially a scam that makes them more money by doing the foreign exchange (at a bad exchange rate) there and then and not via Visa or MasterCard at their official rate. By the rules of Visa and Mastercard they’re supposed to ask you whether you want to use DCC or not, but they did a shifty by putting the transaction through in Australian Dollars rather than Euros.

Despite the location, the quality of the food and the fact that they pulled the DCC shifty on me means that I would not go back here.

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