Ah Yat Kitchen, Food Republic, Capitol Piazza, Singapore

Several months back I visited Ah Yat Kitchen the the Capitol Piazza in Singapore and swore I’d be returning.

And so I was walking into the Capitol Piazza for lunch on New Years Eve and down the escalator to Food Republic.

The food at Ah Yat Kitchen is Hong Kong dumpling, the selection is wide and varied, and the taste is pretty damn good.

Today I wanted to have a meal rather than a snack so ordered 3 dishes that were then freshly cooked for me, and about 10 minutes later the buzzer went off for me to collect my meal.

I’m a sucker for duck on any day of the week so when I saw the option for rice with roast pork and duck I knew what one of my dishes would be. I also love dumplings so ordered a serve of Shrimp Dumplings and a serve of Shanghai Pork Dumplings.

All of the dishes were sublime. It was a decent sized meal and I was definitely full afterwards.

After this amazing lunch I headed up for a beer at TAP.

Love this place!