Kushiyaki Manten, Kyoto, Japan

After the excellent beers at Beer Komachi I decided I wanted yakitori for dinner so I headed over to the Pontocho area. My target was Kushiyaki Manten.

The restaurant was quite busy when I walked in but I was given a seat at the counter overlooking the kitchen so could watch the hard working chefs cooking everyone’s yakitori.

I ordered a selection of yakitoti including chicken meatballs, chicken skin, pork, beef, green peppers as well as a long neck of local beer.

I really liked the restaurant’s ambiance and the staff were great but I can only say that the meal was good, it was middle of the road as yakitori goes.

Beer Komachi, Kyoto, Japan

This was my third visit to Beer Komachi and it never disappoints. My last visit was just over a year ago.

I walk in soon after they opened on a Sunday afternoon and there were already a good number of people drinking and eating. I sat at the wobbly table at the front and went though the beer list.

My first beer was a Special SAKE Ale (kari) from Mimasaka Beer Works which was a floral and citrusy strong brew – I liked it.

Next I had a Kamikatz Cosmic Surfin’ which was a fuity beer that I thought was a better beer than the first.

And lastly I drank a Shonan Fresh Hop IPA which is a Belgian IPA quite hoppy but I thought that this beer was a bit flat and I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two.

I didn’t eat here on this trip as I wanted to try some new places.

Probably the best craft beer bar I visited in Japan.

Nagahama Roman Beer, Nagahama, Japan

I headed a little bit out of Kyoto to Nagahama on a half day trip via the shinkansen to Maibara and then the local train to Nagahama.

I first headed towards Nagahama Castle but didn’t go in.

And then headed over the railway line into the main part of Nagahama and as I was walking down some side streets came across large establishment called Nagahama Roman Beer

Inside is a huge dining area but on a Sunday most of the restaurant seemed to be booked out, so walk-ins were directed to a small area of bench seats which quickly filled.

There were lots of good meat options on the menu and I finally decided to try the pork spareribs and salad.

Being a brewery I had to try the local ales , so I ordered a pint of Nagahama Red Ale. A rich and hoppy beer that was really tasty.

The pork spareribs were a decent meal also.

Even though Nagahama is a bit off the beaten track, Nagahama Roman Beer is worth a visit if you are in the area.

Craft Man, Kyoto, Japan

To finish off my Saturday evening I knew of another craft beer bar that was close to my hotel, just on top of Shijo station.

Entering Craft Man you walk into a small standing bar with room for about a dozen people. There’s also some seated areas upstairs.

This evening I stayed in the standing area and was the only patron in that area.

I ordered a Kibi No Karasu which had a deep chocolate flavour.

I called it quits at one drink but planned to return later in my stay – alas, I didn’t quite make it back.

Gottie’s Beef Shijo Kiyamachi, Kyoto, Japan

After some very good beers at BeerBar MIYAMA162 I got the mobile out again to look for some dinner.

About a block away was a a beef restaurant called Gottie’s Beef. It had OK reviews, I was hungry and I wanted beef, so in I went.

Walking in I had high hopes with some good looking steak hanging in the window.

The menu has a decent selection of meat and side dishes which I had a look through as I waited for my Suntory Malts to be delivered.

I ordered a 300g rib-eye medium rare, fried Camembert and a side dish of fried potatoes.

The steak was a little overcooked, a little closer to medium than medium rare, but tasted OK and wasn’t overly fatty, but the fried camembert lacked taste.

Overall, I was slightly disappointed with the meal and given the cost the dishes should have been of better quality.