Melbourne Yacht Club Hotel, Docklands, Melbourne, Australia

It was a public holiday in Melbourne, and the weather wasn’t too bad, so had lunch with a friend down at Docklands in Melbourne.

Not having been to the restaurant area of Docklands before, we walked the length of the food strip and finally came to Melbourne Yacht Club Hotel. It wasn’t too busy (maybe this was an omen), and the menu looked OKish.

We ordered a couple of Chargrilled Steak Sandwich  on a toasted baguette, cheese, tomato, caramelised onion and served with fries, to be cooked medium rare, and a bottle of 2006 Riposte The Sabre Pinot Noir to wash it down.

Out came the steak sandwich, over cooked unfortunately, but it still tasted OK, probably not worth the $20.

Then came the pinot, probably not the best pinot I’d ever had, but it was refreshing, and went down fine. Definitely not worth the $47.

Thank god I had some decent company.

Would I be going to MYCH again… probably not…