The great Singapore beer rip – day 2…

Well, decided to change tack a little, and rather than ordering a beer from the other side of the world, decided to see whether a more ‘local’ beer would come at a more reasonable price. And being the lazy person that I am, the venue was to be the same as yesterday, Raffles.

So, after a great late lunch for all of $7, I headed back to Raffles to see what would happen today.

Pulled up a seat by the bar and ordered a pint of Tiger… ahhhhh… it went down super well. So much so, a second chilled one was ordered as soon as the first one was finished. Knowing that this was an expensive beer I savored each and every drop.

Crunch time came as I asked for the bill, which came to $43 give or take a little, which comes in at $21 a pint… ouch… but atleast I got change from a $50 today!

BUT, on a pure bang per ml basis the Tiger wins by about 30%. Though at these prices the only ones that are winning are the bars!