Chez Ouam, Montpellier, France

My second morning in Montpellier had me in the west wandering through the small, meandering streets. Getting back into the main part of the city I spotted a place called Chez Ouam just about lunchtime and I took a seat outside.

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Il Pizzaiolo, Montpellier, France

Pretty much right next door to La FabRiK is Il Pizzaiolo. You guessed it, an Italian Restaurant.

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La FaBRiK, Montpellier, France

The area around Place de la Comédie has some really good places to eat and drink – but watchout as there are also some tourist traps!

But this evening I decided to start off at La FaBRiK to have a couple of beers before finding somewhere to have a meal.

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Restaurant Insensé, Montpellier, France

After my coffee at the excellent Café Latitude I continued to explore the small streets of Montpellier slowly making my way back towards Place de la Comédie and as I got close to Musée Fabre I noticed it was lunchtime so started looking for somewhere to have a meal.

In the forecourt to Musée Fabre is Restaurant Insensé which is billed as a French restaurant with Medditeranean influences. Sounded interesting so I headed in.

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Café Latitude, Montpellier, France

I really liked Café Latitude in the little oasis of Place De La Canourgue in Montpellier.

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