Beer Tasting Room In The Wildeman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I wanted to visit the Beer Tasting Room In The Wildeman last year but I’d tried to visit on a Sunday which is the only day of the week that they are closed. This year I made sure to visit while they were open.

First thing, I loved the space in a building which was built around 1690 as a distillery. The bar itself opened in 1986.

IMG 20190528 122004
IMG 20190528 122004 (May 28, 2019)

The beer choice is HUGE!

Settling in just after lunchtime I pretty much had my choice of seats. Where to sit was the easy decision – what to drink was hard.

My first beer was chosen off the menu above the door and was a Pilsner from a Dutch brewery called Gulpener Bierbrouwerij. I though this was a reasonable beer and was light and hoppy.

Having had time during my first drink to study the menu in a bit of detail I decided that my second drink would be a Belgian Rodenbach Grand Cru. I felt this beer was a little better than the Gulpener pilsner from earlier and I loved the fruity sour flavor.

Finally I tried what was my pick of the day, another beer from Belgium, the La Trappe Tripel, a strong sweet beer that I could drink all day. But at 8% it wouldn’t be a long day 🙂

IMG 20190528 133216
IMG 20190528 133216 (May 28, 2019)

If you like beer the Beer Tasting Room In The Wildeman is a must visit location!