Dragon Boat, Melbourne, Australia

What is it about Melbourne and good Chinese restaurants?

I headed off for lunch today with my parents, two of my sisters, brother-in-law and one of the munchkins (one of my nieces) to have Yum Cha at the Dragon Boat in Little Bourke Street.

Dragon Boat, Melbourne, Australia

The Dragon Boat has Yum Cha everyday from 8am unti 5pm.

When we got there at 12:30 and we were about 4th in the queue but it didn’t take all that long to get a table.

From the moment we sat down the Yum Cha trolleys were circulating and we soon had a table full of yummy treats.

You can’t fault the food at this restaurant. Due to the sheer number of people eating here, the trolleys are always being replenished so you’ll always get food that’s pretty much straight out of the kitchen.

For the 7 of us the bill came to about $110 which isn’t bad considering that we’d stuffed ourselves senseless.

For a great feed you can’t go past the Dragon Boat.