Hanoi, since 1946, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a fascinating place. A sprawling city of around 8 million people.

A city of wide streets and narrow laneways are ripe for exploring. Crossing the road is an adventure due to the cars and mopeds. Best advice I can give is that when there are no cars around just walk across the street at a constant speed and the mopeds will flow around you. I survided so it must be true 🙂 .

Many good museums and you’re always reminded of the American War and the American capitulation.

Hanoi Hilton Opera, Hanoi, Vietnam

This was my first trip to Vietnam and, as you’ve probably already guessed if you’ve looked at the other hotel reviews here, I don’t do backpacker type accommodation. Yep, I’m a 4 or 5 star traveller. For my digs in Hanoi I chose to stay at the Hanoi Hilton Opera which, as the name suggests, … Continue reading Hanoi Hilton Opera, Hanoi, Vietnam

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