Café le Petit Pont, Saint Michel, Paris, France

After a bit of a siesta after a Saturday of eating and drinking I headed off to see what restaurants were hiding in the laneways of Saint Michel to see what the options were. I strolled down to Boulevard Saint-Germain, up Rue Dante and Rue de l’Hotel Colbert and Quai du Montebello but nothing really took my fancy, and those that did were full. Shakespeare and Company was closed for the day and I’d started to lose hope.

About 50m past Shakespeare and Company was Café le Petit Pont. The place was bustling but had a few tables available so I went in and was given a seat facing towards Notre Dame Cathedral.

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Rim Café, Saint-Michel, Paris, France

After a couple of beers at Frog XVI, I got the bus back to Saint-Michel and as I was walking back to my hotel I started to feel a bit hungry.

There’s a large Italian restaurant on the corner of Rue Saint-Séverin and Rue de la Harpe called Rim Café.

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Frog XVI, Trocadero, Paris, France

Frog is a chain of English Pub-like bars in France. Frog XVI is in Trocadero in the 16th arrondissement.

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Le Cafe Du Trocadero, Trocadero, Paris, France

To the north west of the Eiffel Tower, right on the Place Du Trocadero is a largish cafe called Le Cafe Du Trocadero. It’s got indoor, outdoor and upstairs seating.

The weather was mild on the day I visited, but still needed a jacket to sit outside.

Unfortunately the seats facing Place Du Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower were taken so I was shown to a small table on the side.

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La Cochonnaille, Saint-Michel, Paris, France

Close to the hotel was another restaurant I’d passed and wanted to try one dinner time. And this evening was the time.

Around 6pm on a Friday evening I was perusing the menu from the street and saw that La Cochonnaille offered a set menu for dinner.

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