Bobbie Peels, Melbourne, Australia

A couple of minutes out of the city on the 58 tram route, just past Queen Victoria Market, is a great little “suburban” pub called Bobbie Peels.

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Water Flame, Melbourne, Australia

I walk along Little Lonsdale Street several times a week and have walked past Water Flame atleast a hundred times and never went in. That changed today.

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NikuNiku, Melbourne, Australia

A Japenese restaurant opened up closeby a couple of years ago. I’d visited a couple of years ago and had some really decent yakitori so as I was out in town one evening I thought we might as well give it another try.

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Europe 2019 retrospective

For my Europe trip this year I decided to head off to southern France and bypass Paris altogether, and to finish off the trip with a couple of days relaxing in Amsterdam.

Overall the weather was pretty disappointing, most days were cloudy but not too much rain thankfully. Towards the end of May the weather started to get better with one day in Amsterdam being nice and warm (and I even got a bit of a tan!) but I think my next trip would need to be June (but need to avoid all the school holidays).

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Black Sugar Coffee & Lifestyle, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

I had a one night stay in Hong Kong on my way home from Europe. Getting back into the right timezone meant making sure I got up at a reasonable time and that means coffee. I ventured out and found a new place closeby called Black Sugar Coffee & Lifestyle.

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