Beer DeLuxe Fed Square, Melbourne, Australia

Beer DeLuxe is, as the name suggests, a bar for beer lovers.

For many years Federation Square was derided as a bit of a wasteland and inner city blight, but thankfully there are now some decent options for food and drinks.

They have their Beer Bible which had me harking back to my afternoon in Antwerp at Bier Central reading their Beer Encyclopedia and sampling far too many gorgeous beers.

There are courtyards out the front, back and side for those that want to be outside. Two are undercover and one is open to the elements (and as it was a typical Melbourne summer’s day it was raining cats and dogs so this one was deserted).

Beer Deluxe has some very good beers from all corners of the world both on tap and in bottles. There would certainly be something for everyone.

I was feeling peckish and ordered an “All In” burger – think a burger with the lot. It came with a serve of fries and aioli. But for $23 it was quite overpriced.

The beer menu needs to be explored more.