Little Chef Chinese Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia

Saturday lunchtime, COVID-19 lockdown, feeling hungry after a quick shop. Heading home I knew there was a chinese restaurant on Wills Street so I thought I’d swing by and see if it was open.

It turns out that the restaurant was open for takeaway and it’s called Little Chef Chinese Restaurant.

I ordered a serve of the pepper spicy pork ribs with rice as well as a serve of 10 fried pork dumplings. Total cost was close to $20.

Food was freshly cooked and after about a 10 minute wait I headed home to have lunch.

The dumplings were very good, however there was no sauce provided. Luckily I had some dumpling sauce in the fridge to use.

The pepper spicy pork ribs was also a decent meal though it did seem to be on the salty side.

Both servings were on the large side and combined they were too large for lunch.

I don’t know if I’d go back here in a hurry though.