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Customs House Bar, Sydney, Australia

I’ve been doing a bit of travel to Sydney every couple of weeks – I always stay in the CBD.

Customs House Bar is part of the Marriott Hotel. You can enter it by going through the hotel from Pitt Street, or you can enter it directly from Macquarie Place Park at the corner of Loftus and Bridge Streets.

There is a large outdoor area abutting the park where you can enjoy your drinks and a meal. It’s nice when the weather is warm, but can be chilling during the winter even with heaters.

The Food menu is pretty much standard pub fare with not too many choices but what’s there is pretty good. A selection of ribs and burgers, and a number of sides.

The number of beers on tap is very impressive though and they have one of my favorites, Dogbolter.

If you want a pub meal in the CBD with a good beer this place is a good choice. Be warned though that food prices are more aligned with what you would expect from a large international hotel chain, not your local.

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Hyatt Regency, Sydney, Australia

I’ve stayed at a lot of hotels, and I mean ALOT! Somewhere between 150 and 200 hotels over the years all over the world for both business and leisure.

This week I was in Sydney and the work travel booking site bought up the Hyatt Regency on Sussex Street as an option. That was cool, I’ve stayed at a couple of Hyatt’s, primarily the Hyatt Hotel Canberra which was a superb hotel and I would stay there again any day I was in Canberra.

To those who’ve travelled to Sydney for any reasonable amount of time you’ll know that the Hyatt Regency used to be the Sheraton Four Points which was a pretty good hotel when I used to stay there.

A couple of years ago this hotel underwent a refurb and it has reopened as the Hyatt Regency.

Walking into the Hyatt Regency you can see that they’ve splurged the money on the glitz, the hotel reception is superb! The check in was great and the reception staff did all the ego stroking that’s the norm for a decent hotel.

And that’s when, after you scratch the surface, you start seeing that this hotel is mutton dressed up as lamb.

My room was on Level 1 – understandable as my Hyatt Gold membership had expired many years ago. You don’t give your decent rooms to some pleb!

Anyway, I head upto my floor and I am flabbergasted at the disgusting appearance of the common area. Walking down the corridor I guess that they didn’t bother to change the hall carpet when the refurb happened. Disgusting carpet stains (only water I hope) regularly greet me on the walk to my room.

I entered my room and it was refurbed quite nicely… looks like they only skimped on the public areas.

I went out for dinner, got back by 9pm and wanted to have a shower. It was then I find that there were none of the usual amenities in the room – no soap, no shampoo etc! Heaps of cheap moisturiser – maybe this is a pay-per-hour hotel 🙂

I phone up and ask for some amenities and get the promise they’ll be right up… and then I wait for 30 minutes… not impressed. Certainly not the service of a supposedly 5 star hotel.

In each room there’s also a card you can pop on your door requesting a morning newspaper. You need to get this on your doorknob by 10pm and you should receive a newspaper in the morning… Well, that’s a fib. I had that card on my door at 9pm and I woke up at 6am to no newspaper.

Quite frankly, this is a 2 star hotel under a 5 star name. I told the checkout staff what had happened and that service was better when the hotel was the Four Points, but I doubt that feedback will get escalated.

Do yourself a favour, avoid this place and book a decent hotel!

Only saving grace was the Zephyr bar which offers superb views across Darling Harbour… but you can drink there without staying at the hotel.

I won’t be staying there again and will be telling the corporate hotel buyers it should be taken off the list.

It’s sad to see when good hotels go bad.

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Holiday Inn Old Sydney, Sydney

At work we have a list of hotels we’re allowed to stay at. The Holiday Inn Old Sydney must have been on the list for all of 5 minutes and I must have been lucky enough to book it at the right time. But boy did I have troubles expensing the bill after my trip lol.

Holiday Inn Old Sydney is a heritage listed building that was once the wool sheds I believe. Its situated at the northern end of the historic Rocks area. Its a wee bit away from the office building of the CBD but not too far. If you’re a history buff or ship lover you’ll love the location.

I liked this hotel as I had a room that looked out over George St, the overseas passenger terminal and the Opera House. On my second day there there was also a cruise ship in port that I had a magnificent view of. It amazing how close the ship looked!

The rooms were relatively good for a budget hotel. As with most Holiday Inns the bathroom and living area was a little cramped but functional.

The bed was of good quality and rather comfy as were the pillows. There was an armchair but that wasn’t all that comfortable so I used it for my work bag.

There are heaps of restaurants and bars in the vicinity but since its a touristy area they’re mostly more expensive that other restaurants and bars.

If I needed to stay in Sydney on a budget this would be a good hotel to choose.

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Amo Roma, Sydney

I was in Sydney for an evening so decided to try somewhere new for dinner after a couple of refreshing beers. We were imbibing at Circular Quay and decided to head down to the rocks to find somewhere to eat.

There are many choices in that part of Sydney: steak, Italian, thai… but we decided to try an Italian restaurant called Amo Roma on George Street.

Typical Italian fare was on offer and a Parmesan pizza bread was ordered for starters, a simple but tasty start to the meal.

For my main dish I chose the eponymous Amo Roma pizza which was a thin crust pizza with salami, ham, capsicum, mushroom, tomato sauce and mozzarella, my friend ordered the Kangaroo pizza with spanish onion, capsicum, blueberry glaze, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

The pizzas were were large, extremely tasty and not overly packed with toppings, so probably more in the real Italian style rather than the heaped toppings we’re probably used to in Australia.

We washed our meal down with a reasonably priced Italian Fattoria Zerbina Ceregio Sangiovese.

A good meal that came to around $100 for the two of us.

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Wolfie’s Grill, Sydney

I was in Sydney again during the last week for a training course, which meant that I had the opportunity to head back to one of the best feeds that I’ve found in Sydney, Wolfie’s Grill on the waterfront at West Circular Quay.

As I’ve said previously, Wolfie’s is a meat eaters paradise…

Today I again went for the pork ribs with barbaque sauce. Not just one or two ribs, but a full set of ribs and they were as good as I had remembered. In the good old days you used to get chips with your main, but no more. You need to order sides like chip separately.

We chose a nice Victorian pinot to accompany our meal and I again finished off with a glass of port.

I knocked of half a point as they’d removed the chips from the rib dish… maybe they’ll do the right thing and change their mind and give you basic sides with your meal!

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