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InterContinental Tokyo ANA, Tokyo, Japan

A great hotel, great location, a quick walk to Tameike-Sanno Subway Station and a little further away from Akasaka Subway Station.

This was my third stay here and it has never disappointed. Luckily for me I was able to book my 4 nights using my IHG rewards points that I’d accumulated.

This time I didn’t get a “Fuji view” room… but that didn’t concern me as on my previous 2 stays when I did have a “Fuji view” room I never saw Mount Fuji due to the haze. This time I had a south-east view over the nearby Chosenji Temple and a view of Tokyo Tower.

There’s a 7-Eleven and a FamilyMart about 100 metres away so you can get your fill of these magnificent little drinks!

It looks like the neighboring Ark Hills building is undergoing renovations so a number of restaurants have closed.

Excellent, large, clean room. Superb bed and pillows.

To get to Narita Airport I used the Airport Limousine bus service which stops at the hotel with cost and travel time similar to taking the local trains to Ueno or Nippori and then jumping on the Keisei Skyliner.

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InterContinental Tokyo Bay, Tokyo, Japan

Having landed at Narita Airport at the start of my 3rd Japan trip, I jumped on the next Keisei Skyliner for Nippori Station where I transferred to the Yamanote line arriving at Hamamatsucho Station just in time for the last shuttle bus to my hotel.

I wanted to stay in Tokyo rather than Narita as I wanted to hit the ground running the next day to get the logistics sorted. Most importantly I wanted to be near either Tokyo or Shinagawa station as I needed to exchange my JR Pass, reserve a seat for my transit to Kyoto and finally board the Shinkansen.

I’ve stayed at both of the InterContinental Hotels in Tokyo before but it made more sense for me to overnight at the InterContinental Tokyo Bay as it had the shuttle buses to both Hamamatsucho and Shinagawa stations, and I had more than enough IHG rewards points for a free night.

The only downside is the hotel is a little off the beaten track, and probably a 10 or 15 minute walk to restaurant area around Hamamatsucho Station. Which isn’t that much fun in a hot Tokyo summer.

I was upgraded to a suite of the same design as my last stay. The room was magnificent and a great place to relax after travelling for around 15 hours.

Check-in and check-out was efficient and staff ever pleasant.

Great hotel!

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Tonkatsu Wako, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

I’m a sucker for Tonkatsu – Japanese crumbed and deep fried pork cutlets. Yummy!

On my first trip to Japan I stumbled across this restaurant (which I later found out was a chain) on my last night in Tokyo, so when I came back to Tokyo for my second trip I knew I’d be having a couple of meals here.

Most dishes are, as you would expect, based around the fried pork cutlets.

The dishes I tried here include

  • Tonkatsu with rice, cabbage & pickles – a smaller dish
  • Tonkatsu with Japanese curry (Katsu Kare) & rice – also a smaller dish
  • Hotpot of Tonkatsu cooked with egg, with rice, pickles, miso soup and cabbage

The supply of cabbage and miso soup is endless. If you run out you press the call button on the table and ask for some more.

All the dishes were great. They just have the knack of cooking the pork perfectly and the bread crumbs are cooked superbly. I probably ended up enjoying the hotpot the best.

When you arrive you are automatically given a tea, but I always went for a long neck of Japanese beer to accompany my meal.

I had lots of Tonkatsu during my trip and the ones served at this restaurant were up there with the best.

If you’re around Ark Hills one evening and looking for a very decent and quick meal, give Tonkatsu Wako a try.

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Aux Bacchanales, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

Ark Hills in Tokyo has a good selection of restaurants and bars to chill at after a day of exploring Tokyo.

Aux Bacchanales is a French restaurant that gets busy around 6pm on a weekday. But I always managed to get a seat at the bar.

Drink-wise there’s a small selection of local and imported beers, and being a French restaurant there’s also a very good selection of French wines.

Food definitely has a French bent as you would expect and the couple of meals that I had here were very good indeed. I highly recommend the steak.

They also have a small takeaway section where you can buy a fairly good selection of pastries if you want to grab something to eat for breakfast on the run. One warning though – avoid the takeaway coffee at all costs, it was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever drunk!

The bar is good, as is the food, but avoid the takeaway coffee!

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Bubby’s New York, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

One thing that you miss when you travel in Asia is a decent coffee. And NO, Starbucks is NOT coffee!

In the Ark Hills area of Tokyo, in the building next to the ANA InterContinental Tokyo, is Bubby’s New York which is an American themed restaurant that serves a great spread for breakfast, and most importantly serves probably the best coffee I’ve had in Asia.

They cook a very good American breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, potato and pancakes. It’s a very big meal which I struggled to finish and is reasonably priced at ¥2000.

I’ve also had the Eggs Benedict on several occasions which were also quite acceptable.

But the big reason to head here, for me atleast, was the coffee. It takes me a couple of decent coffees to wake up in the morning, and the coffees here certainly did the trick.

Highly recommended if you are in the area for breakfast.

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