The Meat and Wine Co, Melbourne, Australia

In case you hadn’t quite worked it out yet, I’m a sucker for a good slab of dead cow, medium rare.

Earlier this week I turned the big “4 oh-no”, yep, I’m officially a dirty old man. To celebrate, or is that to commiserate, a mate who I’ve know for about 20 years, since Uni days in fact, decided that I needed a decent feed and it was decided that steak was the choice of the day, and The Meat and Wine Co down at Southbank was the place to get it.

Since we’d already had a couple of brews at the Mitre Tavern in Bank Place before heading off across the river, we decided that we’d better stay with the beers, or it could get messy, so a Little Creatures was ordered and delivered while we chose our steaks.

The selection of steaks available is huge, I think I counted 13 different steaks, I chose a 600g Rib-Eye medium rare, my mate went the measly 350g.

Fast forward about 30 minutes and a slab of dead cow, chips and garlic sauce is placed before me, and for the next 15 or 20 minutes I am in steak heaven. Great taste, superbly cooked. This steak just melted in my mouth. It was right up there with the steak yo uget a Cha Cha Char’s in Brisbane.

Cost was also about the same as Cha Cha Char’s in Brisbane.

If you want a good steak… this is the place in Melbourne.