Korean Seoul Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia again…

I’d been to this restaurant probably 6 weeks or so ago.

We were in the city on Saturday evening, looking for somewhere to get a beer and a meal.

The beer was forthcoming at the Turf Bar (previously The Turf Accountants, site of the Great Bookie Robbery in 1976 during which $1.3 million was stolen, though many think the actual take was much larger than this) in Queen Street.

While drinking, we were tossing up what to eat… steak, ribs, Chinese, but finally decided that Korean food was close by and would be a tasty change.

Korean Seoul Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia

Since there were only two of us again this time, we decided to go for the smallest Korean style barbecue banquet consisting of marinated beef, pork and chicken. Accompanied by the usual side dishes of lettuce, cucumber, pickled cabbage etc. and rice.

As last time, the meal was extremely tasty and very reasonably priced. The banquet was $50 for two people, very good value for the food that was provided.

This restaurant also has a good selection of Korean beers.