Degree, Auckland, New Zealand

We headed to Degree on my suggestion that a decent steak was on offer.

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Crowne Plaza, Norwest, Sydney, Australia

We were in Sydney to attend a training course at our office in West Pennant Hills and the Crowne Plaza in Baulkham Hills was the closest hotel. It is probably 30 to 45 minutes from the Sydney CBD on a good day.

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Thai Spice, Stanhope Village, Sydney, Australia

After room service for a couple of nights we’d decided to head out for a feed. We tried to get into the Outback Steakhouse, but the queue was long, and we were famished so we decided to try a local Thai restaurant instead.

We headed over the Stanhope Village to a small restaurant called Thai Spice.

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The Mill, Melbourne, Australia

It amazing how dead the Melbourne CBD can be on a Sunday evening.

Started off with a couple of beers at the Westin in Collins Street where we’d decided that a decent steak was in order for dinner. Headed over to The Meat and Wine Co at Southbank. However, the queue at the door told us that tonight wasn’t going to happen.

We then tried the Curry Vault in Bank Place, but that was closed tighter than a goldfish’s bum. Squire’s Loft in Goldie Lane was similarly locked up, so we ventured down to Hardware Lane to see what was on offer (and to try to avoid the touts).

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