Nagahama Roman Beer, Nagahama, Japan

I headed a little bit out of Kyoto to Nagahama on a half day trip via the shinkansen to Maibara and then the local train to Nagahama.

Nagahama Roman Beer, Nagahama, Japan

I first headed towards Nagahama Castle but didn’t go in.

DSC04351 (October 7, 2018)

And then headed over the railway line into the main part of Nagahama and as I was walking down some side streets came across large establishment called Nagahama Roman Beer

Inside is a huge dining area but on a Sunday most of the restaurant seemed to be booked out, so walk-ins were directed to a small area of bench seats which quickly filled.

There were lots of good meat options on the menu and I finally decided to try the pork spareribs and salad.

Being a brewery I had to try the local ales , so I ordered a pint of Nagahama Red Ale. A rich and hoppy beer that was really tasty.

The pork spareribs were a decent meal also.

Even though Nagahama is a bit off the beaten track, Nagahama Roman Beer is worth a visit if you are in the area.