Daikokuya, Raffles City, Singapore

The memories of my Japanese trip earlier on in 2015 came flooding back as I stumbled upon another good restaurant in the basement food court of Raffles City.

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Urban Roti, Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

I’d been traipsing around the financial area of Singapore when lunchtime arrived. I was a block or so from Lau Pa Sat a huge hawker centre with probably 100 small food stalls selling every conceivable food under the sun.

I had an itch for Indian food and after having a quick look around settled upon Urban Roti. They offer a lunch special of Chicken Biryani but more importantly you can sit in an enclosed restaurant with air-conditioning!

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Nam Nam Noodle Bar, Raffles City, Singapore

I’m not one for paying the usurious dollars that hotels charge for breakfast so, on the very odd occasion I do have breakfast, I try to find a more reasonably priced option.

In the basement of Raffles City shopping centre in Singapore is a decent food court with many and varied eating options.

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