Eastside Tavern, East Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

It seems that this bar has changed hands since I was last here.

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Dosanko Larmen, Melbourne, Australia

I’d just gotten back from my second Japan trip and was on my way with a mate to hopefully watch Hawthorn continue on their journey for their 4th consecutive AFL premiership.

I’d walked past this particular restaurant many times mid afternoon when it was closed, but this evening it’d be open and we’d be walking up Little Bourke Street on the way to the match at The G.

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Tonkatsu Wako, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

I’m a sucker for Tonkatsu – Japanese crumbed and deep fried pork cutlets. Yummy!

On my first trip to Japan I stumbled across this restaurant (which I later found out was a chain) on my last night in Tokyo, so when I came back to Tokyo for my second trip I knew I’d be having a couple of meals here.

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Aux Bacchanales, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

Ark Hills in Tokyo has a good selection of restaurants and bars to chill at after a day of exploring Tokyo.

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Bubby’s New York, Ark Hills, Tokyo, Japan

One thing that you miss when you travel in Asia is a decent coffee. And NO, Starbucks is NOT coffee!

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