Craft Meat, Tokyo, Japan

There’s two things I like when I travel – beer and meat. Today’s lunch at Craft Meat in Shibaura would satisfy both.

In the morning I’d headed upto Asakusa for a quick look around and jumped on the ferry service to Hinode Pier. From Hinode Pier it was a nice walk to Craft Meat getting there just before 1pm.

Their catchphrase is “No Meat, No Life” – I agree!

As important as meat is I was impressed by the selection of local beers that were on tap.

I had 3 pints over the next hour and a half.

First was a Shinjuku Ginga IPA which I rate as a very good beer with a strong floral and hoppy flavor.

IMG 20181018 124302
IMG 20181018 124302 (October 18, 2018)

Next was a Vector Brewing Stout that was also pretty good with a strong and heavy chocolate flavor.

IMG 20181018 132046
IMG 20181018 132046 (October 18, 2018)

And last was a citrusy wheat beer – Neko Punch.

IMG 20181018 135209
IMG 20181018 135209 (October 18, 2018)

The first was the pick of the beers, but that’s not saying that the others were bad, it’s just that the first was great!

With those pints under the belt I knew I needed food to survive the afternoon so I ordered the lamb chops and potato chips. Given the name of the place “Craft Meat” I had high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed, the lamb was cooked to perfection.

If you like beer and meat, this is your place in Tokyo!