Yakitori Akiyoshi, Kyoto, Japan

I’d been waiting for my first yakitori, aka barbecue meat on a stick, meal since I’d landed in Japan.

A quick perusal of the usual review websites lead me back towards the area I’d eaten a couple of nights before.

Yakitori Akiyoshi, Kyoto, Japan

My target was Yakitori Akiyoshi.

The restaurant was already quite busy when I arrived around a quarter past 5 but there were a couple of spare seats at the counter towards which I was pointed.

An English menu was proffered which was good which allowed me to order a vast number of yummy (i.e. no offal!) food.

I was seated in front of the charcoal grill so could see all the action as the chef wove his magic.

Looking back at the bill I managed to demolish the following over about an hour and a half.

  • 5 sticks of beef with leak and onion
  • 5 sticks of pork loin with leak and onion
  • 10 sticks of chicken
  • 5 sticks of pork belly
  • 5 sticks of deep fried green peppers
  • 2 friend chicken drumsticks
  • 4 pints Japanese beer

It wasn’t a cheap night, around ¥4800, but I do think for the quantity and quality of the food it was excellent value.