Beck’s Coffee Shop, Nagano, Japan

If you’ve arrived by the Shinkansen in Nagano then I can almost guarantee you’d have seen Beck’s even if you don’t remember it. Beck’s is the coffee shop next to the tourist information centre just across from the Shinkansen entry and exit gates.

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James Nagano Beer Market, Nagano, Japan

Central Nagano is relatively small and easily walkable as I was to find out.

I’d searched the internet and found a couple of small craft beer places in Nagano, and I headed out just after 5pm thinking I’d be up for a 15 minute walk or so, but after heading out from my hotel, crossing the road and walking about a minute I was standing just across the road from James Nagano Beer Market!

I headed up the stairs to find a couple of people already enjoying a beer and sat at the bar.

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Go Go Curry, Kanazawa, Japan

Armed with a 1:46pm Shinkansen ticket to Nagano and a late checkout from my hotel I wanted a decent lunch before my train trip.

As I’ve said before train stations in Japan are mini cities – heaps of shops and restaurants and I don’t mean crap restaurants like McDonalds or KFC, but quality restaurants that you’d be happy to eat at any day.

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Torisyoumaru, Kanazawa, Japan

My last night in Kanazawa after a busy day out walking had me looking for a decent restaurant and a beer or two.

On the north west side of Kanazawa station there’s an annex of sorts with a couple of floors of restaurants. Up on the third floor I found an Izakaya (Japanese restaurant/pub) that had a great menu.

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Pino, Kanazawa, Japan

I stumbled across an interesting place after visiting the Ninja Temple while I was walking through the laneways of Kanazawa as I was looking for the Casa Samurai Nomura.

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