Beer Deluxe, Sydney, Australia

At 7:30pm on a balmy Wednesday evening Beer Deluxe was heaving. Most of the tables were taken, luckily we were able to grab one of the very few empty tables.

Center map

On Wednesday’s they do a chicken schnitzel and a beer special for $18… the portion wasn’t overly generous, I commented it looked more like a kiddies meal.

I didn’t choose the special  instead I ordered the Pizza Deluxe which was very good and could have done as a main course on its own.

I also ordered a Chorizo, Chive and Cheese Bread which was a bread roll that had been sliced 80% of the way through and a cheese and chorizo mixture was spread on the slices. This was then warmed up. However, I’m going to hazard a guess that these are prepped earlier and popped in a very cool fridge, or even a freezer, and when they heated this to serve me the crust of the bun became warm, but the cheese and chorizo mixture was still cold, and was as hard as a rock. Very disappointed with this dish.

My choice of beer was much better – choosing a Sierra Nevada Sidecar Orange Pale Ale.

Overall you can’t go wrong with the beers here – but YMMV foodwise though.