Alchemist Beer Lab, Singapore

Close to the Swissotel Stamford and across the road from Raffle Hotel in the newly developed building on top of Esplanade MRT station is a modern area with plenty of restaurants and bars.

One of those bars is called the Alchemist Beer Lab.

Alchemist Beer Lab, Singapore

While their speciality is beer infusions I decided to try a couple of the straight beers I’d not heard of before.

First I chose a 8 Bit IPA that had a decent taste – it didn’t last too long in the heat. For my second drink I ordered a local drop from Little Island Brewing, a Naked Lager which was an interesting and tasty brew.

Foodwise there was a small menu at the time I was there. The pork scratchings were a great accompaniment for the beer. But I also disappointingly ordered the Spiced Nuts which turned out to be a small cup of mixed nuts with a masala that was just far too overwhelming both in taste and volume.

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