2018 travel retrospective

My how 2018 has flown by.

I was lucky enough to start 2018 with a short break in Singapore before returning home in the new year.

Drinking in Singapore can be a very expensive pastime if you don’t know the rules:

  • Go to restaurants that aren’t targeted at tourists or expats – you can still get a long neck of Tiger for around SG$7
  • Drink during happy hour(s) – or more precisely, don’t drink during the couple of hours after the business day finishes when it’s not happy hour. Happy hours are predominantly 2-for-1, so beer is essentially half price
  • Steer clear of hotel bars

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Sumiemon, Himeji, Japan

After the quick shinkansen ride from Kyoto to Himeji I was told by my hotel that I couldn’t check-in until 3pm so I had some time to kill so went exploring for a late lunch.

Just to the north of Himeji station is the Festa shopping centre and on the second floor is Sumiemon, a yakitori restaurant.

Sumiemon, Himeji, Japan

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