L’Ane Qui Tousse, Toulouse, France

The name L’Ane Qui Tousse translates to The Coughing Donkey – I forgot to ask for the password to the page on the website that would tell me why the name was chosen.

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The Black Lion, Toulouse, France

This morning I walked around Toulouse through the Grand Rond and past Jardin des Plantes and I ended up at a pub called The Black Lion near the Palais de Justice metro station around lunchtime so headed in.

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The Frog & Rosbif, Toulouse, France

For Sunday evening I wanted to try a nearby pub called The Frog & Rosbif. It’s part of the same chain of bars that I visited in Bordeaux.

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Tchin, Toulouse, France

After a walk around the area near Basilique Saint-Sernin de Toulouse in the morning I was looking to find somewhere I could grab a drink and regroup. As I walked I came across a little cafe that was open called Tchin so in I went.

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Le Péry, Toulouse, France

After my drink at La Mécanique des Fluides I wandered around the area to see what was open for dinner and eventually came to Le Péry, a bar that was doing a roaring Saturday evening trade.

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