Pinball Paradise, Melbourne, Australia

If you like pinball then you will like this place as it is, as the name suggests, a Pinball Paradise.

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Gourmet Curry Hut, Melbourne, Australia

I am very much a sucker for a good curry as is my mate. Tonight we happened past the Gourmet Curry Hut in the Hub Arcade and headed on in.

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Mamak, Melbourne, Australia

I first ate at Mamak in their Sydney Chinatown restaurant a good 10 years ago. They eventually opened a Melbourne restaurant which I’ve eaten at occassionally over the intervening years.

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Chuckle Park Bar, Melbourne, Australia

Where else but Melbourne would you find an old caravan in a laneway in the centre of the city serving beers… welcome to Chuckle Park Bar.

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CHIMAC The Korean Bistro, Melbourne, Australia

I have a soft spot for Korean crispy fried chicken and there is a decent restaurant called CHIMAC up near the Queen Victoria Market on Peel St.

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